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If the United States commits to getting one-fifth of its total electricity from renewable sources in the next ten years, over 820,000 manufacturing jobs alone will be created in the process, according to a 2007 Blue Green Alliance report.

Did you know tips

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August 18, 2009

Green-Collar Jobs

There used to be two basic colors of jobs,
Your collar was just white or blue.
But in helping the Earth and improving our lives,
We can now sport a green collar too!

As governments across the world come to terms with our planet's rising pollution levels, rapidly decreasing landfill space, shrinking resources and global warming, they're accepting the fact that a change in the way we live is necessary.

  • Green jobs are being created in a wide range of fields and are available to just about anyone, from engineers, geologists, architects, and botanists to welders, electricians, agriculture experts and even train operators.
  • As there's little chance of erasing our past environmental mistakes, these jobs will likely not disappear. More and more companies are seeking green representatives and adopting sustainable practices. This means green jobs have the potential for substantial growth, helping unemployment rates and the economy as well.
  • Many green jobs can pay extremely well if you're willing to put forth the time and effort. Environmental engineers can make upwards of $80,000 a year; sustainable-design architects average between $50,000 and $200,000 for their salary and environmental lawyers generally begin at $75,000 and can earn up to $500,000 a year. If this is enough to make you want to go back to school, check out for help in your search!

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