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In many states, it is illegal to dispose of paint in the trash or down storm or sewer drains. Paint can contaminate drinking water and ocean water. Special collection programs have been established to accept paint for recycling or proper disposal.

Did you know tips

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May 13, 2008

Paint Smart

Orange, red, yellow, purple, black or white,
Old paint dries out fast if you don’t seal it tight,
If you share your paint with others then once more it can be seen,
And then you can turn any old color of paint green.

Before you head to the home improvement store, there are steps you can take to make sure that your purchase won’t be a waste.

Check with family, friends, and online community bulletin boards, such as to see if you can make use of someone else’s leftover or overflow materials—many people are willing to part with their products for free!

  • Measure your walls (or other painting projects) before heading to the store, then discuss the volume of paint you need with the store expert.  Most people buy a much larger container of paint than is actually needed, “just in case!”
  • If you plan to paint again soon or have too small of an amount to donate or use for touch-ups, follow proper paint storage and disposal tips from


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You can buy long-lasting non-toxic paint to help reduce emissions in the environment:

 Helpful information and links on paint recycling:

 Set up a paint exchange in your community:

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