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Wind power now comes in a handy portable mini-wind turbine that charges everything from cell phones to MP3 players.

Did you know tips

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July 3, 2008

Catch Wind of This

If you’re going to go green
Wind power will keep you clean
Renewable energy is what you need
Keep reading to see what we mean…

Windy Living

  • If you’re looking to try and save on energy, reusable wind power could be just what you need. Personal wind turbines (or windmills if you prefer) have become affordable for consumers looking to dive into the world of renewable energy.
  • The environmental advantages that wind turbines have on the earth are triple-fold. Turbines provide 100 percent pollution-free energy, produce no particulates that float into our water, and offset the need to mine for energy.
  • Not only will air and water qualities increase but you’ll also be able to save on energy bills every month or maybe even go off the grid.

Check It Out

Harvest The Wind:
Wind: powering a cleaner, stronger America
Restore The Balance:
As with solar energy, wind energy is a great source of clean electrical power

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