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In 2007, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. diverted a total of 33,038 tons of materials - 98.2% of the total waste from the landfill.

Did you know tips

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March 17, 2009

Sustainable Suds

It's March and St. Patty's Day's almost here,
Time to celebrate with friends and enjoy green beer.
Keep Mother Earth in mind on that special day,
Choose a brew made in an eco-friendly way.

Three Beers for Mother Earth

When you and your friends are out celebrating or at home watching the big game, remember to select a beer manufactured by a local microbrewery or a regional company who embraces sustainable practices and techniques. If you have trouble finding a green brewery, the following three are recommended.

  • In September of 2003, the Brooklyn Brewery became the first company in New York City to convert to 100 % wind-generated electricity. Its Brooklyn headquarters and brewery are completely powered by the breath of Mother Earth.
  • In Fort Collins, Colorado, the New Belgium Brewing Company has created a bicycle commuter advocacy program dubbed "Team Wonderbike." Its over 10,000 members have pledged to offset more than 8 million car miles by riding their bikes in lieu of driving their cars.
  • Last year, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company located in Chico, California completed construction of one of the largest private solar arrays in the United States. Furthermore, it has been designated a Climate Action Leader by the California Climate Action Registry.

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New Belgium Brewing Company:
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