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Whenever you can try buying household items in economy size. Larger sizes generally have less packaging per unit of product sold verse their smaller counterparts.

Did you know tips

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July 17, 2008

Shop Less, Live More

When it’s time to go to the store
And you’re headed out the door,
Remember what your list called for
Just don’t forget that less is more…

Frugal Rocks

  • Next time you head to the store to pick up some of those crucial necessities, don’t forget the most important item of business… to leave behind what you don’t need. In a world where impulse buys are as common as the trips to the store themselves, it’s key to remember to only buy what you came for and that less is in fact more.
  • Many of us like to blame giant corporations and factories for the overwhelming amount of “stuff” that makes it into our lives. The fact is though that consumers create a demand for products, and the more we buy the more junk they produce.
  • Not only will you be left with a clutter-free zone, but one of the wonderful side-effects of not buying is you’ll also have some extra green in your pocket.

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