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Most artificial Christmas trees have a gigantic carbon footprint and are also made with lead and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which isn't biodegradable and can be harmful if incinerated.

Did you know tips

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December 16, 2008

Christmas Trees

A wasteful culture we must stop
As winter comes to freeze.
So pretty please with an angel on top
Buy eco-Christmas trees!

For those of us preparing to string popcorn and tinsel across a merry Chrismukkah bush this year, it's time to make the most environmentally-friendly choice. While it may seem that reusable artificial Christmas trees would be at the top of our green list, peruse the options with the least environmental impact below.

  • Buy a potted tree to plant back in the earth after the holidays, or if you're from the San Diego area, consider the Adopt a Christmas Tree program, replacing trees in wildfire burn areas:


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Find out where you can recycle your Christmas Tree into wood chips for use as mulch in parks:

Rent a potted tree in Portland, OR:

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