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Somewhere around 6 million plastic candy wrappers will be thrown away this Halloween in the U.S. alone. Handing out candy and raisins in easily recyclable paper packaging or giving away some spare change can easily correct this landfill nightmare.

Did you know tips

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October 28, 2008

Have A Green Halloween

When you’re out trick-or-treatin’
Amongst the blood and the gore,
When you’re carving your pumpkins
And you knock door to door,
Remember that though it may be Halloween
There are still certain ways that you can be green!

While wigs, capes and masks may be your primary concerns this All Hallow’s Eve, remember that you’ve still got candy wrappers littering your floor and there’re ways to keep this scary holiday much less frightful for the Earth.

  • Make the most out of your organic jack-o-lantern. Scoop out the seeds and bake them for a tasty treat. Boil and mash chunks of unneeded pumpkin carvings into a delicious pumpkin bread or pie. You can even compost your pumpkin’s “skeleton” after October 31st!
  • Create homemade costumes from vintage and unique clothing at thrift stores. Pay less, avoid packaging waste, and after the festivities are over, you can return the pieces, keeping them in circulation and out of an early grave.
  • Retire plastic goodie bags and carry your Halloween booooooty in a reusable cloth bag or pillowcase.

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Make jewelry out of your candy wrappers:

Pass out organic lollipops:

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